We come from three different continents,

with different experiences and backgrounds. 


All are dedicated to the same goal -

through different projects and initiatives,

tell the world about what we call:

"Norway - One of the world's best kept secrets" ©


David John Smith

David John Smith has worked throughout world with the planning and staging of Olympics over two decades. He has been a key resource in major government and business initiatives, including NATO ministerial meetings, the International Banking Summer School, the World Cancer Congress, as well as events on six continents.


Since 2009, Smith has worked with ‘Little Steven’ Van Zandt on numerous film, media and music projects. His understanding of cultures and people, combined with his creativity makes his work unique.

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Per Ole Hagen

Per Ole is a Senior Partner in Norway Communicates. He has a background as instructor at the University of Oslo, concert photographer, music director at NRK P1 and music rights manager at NRK, the Norwegian national broadcasting corporation.


Per Ole Hagen has worked as a journalist, written several books, and is an award-winning concert photographer for Getty Images.

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Ian Brodie MNZM

A Senior Partner in Norway Communicates, Ian Brodie is an award-winning film photographer The (Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and others), as well as an expert on film tourism.


His love of film, travel, photography and vintage fighter aircraft have provided the basis for a long series of acclaimed books and photography, resulting in 22 books that have so far sold nearly 2,000,000 copies.

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Anita Kristine Lindeboom

Anita Kristine Lindeboom is originally from Nordland in Norway. After working for over 10 years in the cultural sector in the Netherlands, she returned to Norway and received a double university degree in design and education.


Over the last few years at Notodden, she has created and managed a number of projects within the cultural sector before joining Norway Communicates as project manager earlier this year.

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Håvard Larsen

Håvard Larsen hails from Ulefoss and holds a MSc in Biochemistry. In addition, he has a background from studies within the areas of environmental protection, pedagogy and project management. He has nearly 20 years of experience in quality control in the pharmaceutical industry.


Håvard is the key resource person in several Norway Communicates projects, among others, the Fish and Tulips initiative, and is also passionate about photography, film and creative solutions.

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