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Our clients are turning to interactive media, facilitating two-way communication, increasing awareness and creatively raising their profile.


Together with our partners within industry, tourism and the public sector, Norway Communicates develops e-books, websites, Augmented Reality projects and more.



Who are you and what is the core messages you want to communicate?  


We will leverage our experience with yours in gaining a clear perspective about how to best communicate using a dynamic interactive and heavily visual medium - your website.


Possibly the most important element in your communication profile.

Depending on your needs, your site may include the following elements:

  • Relevant languages as needed required

  • Html5 programming

  • Custom designed templates 

  • Rich in graphics and images

  • Full screen galleries

  • Images Parallax 3D effect images

  • Videos and video backgrounds  

  • Removable film strips  

  • Creatively adapted design and graphics

  • Flexible change and adjustment

  • CMS database with search engine

  • SoMe, blog etc.

  • SEO analytics

  • Adapted to different platforms  


We work with clients to create their website aimed to communicate externally, towards customers or other stakeholders. But it is also created for the people within the client’s organization, region, or business. A very important target group!

Visit a few of our own websites:

Wild Telemark 

Film Rjukan

The Sustainable Viking

Bluestown Rising 

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 13.40.58.png


An E-book will allow your target groups to interact with your location, product, message – the essence of who you are and what you want to communicate.


Now, in these special times, and more than ever before, people will use technology and the Internet to explore the world while we are in the COVID-19 crisis.


Your E-book will have stunning photography, multimedia elements, video and audio. It describes locations, attractions, history, cultural heritage and places of interest, with the following specifications tailored to your needs:


Key elements

- All text edited and checked

- Stunning photography

- Edited video (drone and land-based)

- Post-produced enhanced audio

.- Scrolling text

- Generic 3D animation

- 360-degree scalable interactive images.



- locations, attractions, culture

- Related history, cultural heritage.

- Interactive maps

- Video



- Text developed and delivered, edited

- Pictures post-produced, internet ready

- Cutting edge online media

- Video edits (with audio as needed)

- Correct formats, keywords and protocols

- Delivery to the Apple iBook Store and Google Play Store


Ian Brodie is New Zealand's best-selling non-fiction author. has written over 20 books with sales of nearly 2 million copies. His E-books include:


Rjukan - Heavy Water War ​


VIsit Somerset, Storbritannia

Visit Somerset HH Cover Landscape copy.j


Together with Hidden, an award-winning Scandinavian leader in Mixed and Augumented Reality, Norway Communicates brings new innovative elements into the user experience.


The HIDDEN application includes digital, virtual experiences that add extra dimensions to places in physical space, a dissemination platform for cultural, natural and historical treasures.


Cultural and historical points

Hidden has created a database of thousands of cultural and historical points in Norway, with standard information for each point. They include Norwegian legends and popular folklore, local stories, indigenous peoples, popular culture, Viking stories, landmarks, etc.


Norway Communicate’s Wild Telemark also contains about 250 of these sites. Of these we will explore and select the most relevant locations based on criteria to be developed in collaboration with UNESCO as part of the VTFK UNESCO Interactive E-book currently under development


The Telemark Canal

Together with Hidden, Norway Communicates is also developing the potential for project that uses elements of Mixed and Augmented Reality to raise the profile of the Telemark Canal nationally and internationally.


The Telemark Canal is one of the Nordic region's biggest attractions, and with the use of Mixed Reality infotainment, a wide variety of target groups can experience the Telemark Canal in a completely different way.


Stay tuned for the development of exciting collaborations with Hidden on several fronts as we innovate to expand the limits of online interactive experience.

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