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Bluestown Rising Dokumentary

The wheels of industry grind to a halt in 1987. The factories in this isolated Norwegian town of Notodden close overnight, leaving nothing.

Earlier in the century, Notodden's world had changed forever when Industrialist Sam Eyde arrived in Notodden and declared he was going to create new industries driven by hydroelectric power – a radical new concept.


Money was a challenge. Norway had  gained independence in that same year of 1905, and was one of Europe’s poorest countries. Searching for investors, Sam Eyde raised more money than all the Norwegian banks combined.


Waterfall were tamed, hydroelectric power plants built complete with transport systems and towns to manufacture nitrogen fertilizer. Their work marked a turning point for humanity – so important in ending the massive hunger disaster of the early 1900s.

Decades later, the search for profits by the factory owners causes them to close the factories. In 1987, in this town of 12,000, one thousand people are thrown out of work. The smoke disappeared, as did jobs and money. A devastating blow.


From the dust, 13 young women and men created a Blues Festival that now 30 years later is one of the best in the World. This is their story.

Steven Van Zandt is the Executive Producer of this inspiring story now in post-production..

Wild Telemark Vikinger

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