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Norway Communicates works with creative development and implementation of film and other cultural industry projects in Norway and abroad.


One of our sustainable goals is to contribute to growth, value creation and jobs as a result of these film and cultural activities.

 Film Tourism Norway

Film has the ability to evoke a wide range of emotions, creating impressions that can last a lifetime. Often, it is the actual landscapes and physical locations themselves that are major contributors.

This is at the heart of Film Tourism. Film Tourism brings these celluloid dreams to life for visitors, often fulfilling a dream of coming to the actual location where a favourite film was created

This sparks emotions that may last longer than even the film itself - and creates business.  

Film Tourism E-book
Norway Communicates is now endeavoring to create the first interactive Film Tourism e-book that will profile film locations in a single country.

Ian Brodie at the forefront of this important initiative - a topic long discussed and awaited on the national level here in Norway, and currently the subject of regional interest both within film as well as tourism.
Ian Brodie
Ian Brodie is a film tourism expert. He has literally written, lectured and instructed extensively on this subject, and his film location guides have sold over a million copies world-wide.
His work is indelibly linked with The Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and many other projects. Here in Norway, his film portfolio includes screen tourism projects such as Birkebeinerne and The Heavy Water War.
Norway - Film Tourism Destination
Over the years, Norway has been the location of numerous international films, including the iconic Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back, Mission Impossible, Heroes of Telemark and many others.
Working with countries such as Scotland and New Zealand - where film tourism has truly become successful, we are now working locally, regionally and nationally to make film tourism destinations a natural and exciting part of any visit in Norway.

Join us

Contact us for more information about this exciting process here in Norway.

For more on Ian's work within Film Tourism, please take a look here

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Bluestown Rising Dokumentary

The wheels of industry grind to a halt in 1987. The factories in this isolated Norwegian town of Notodden close overnight, leaving nothing.

Earlier in the century, Notodden's world had changed forever when Industrialist Sam Eyde arrived in Notodden and declared he was going to create new industries driven by hydroelectric power – a radical new concept.


Money was a challenge. Norway had  gained independence in that same year of 1905, and was one of Europe’s poorest countries. Searching for investors, Sam Eyde raised more money than all the Norwegian banks combined.


Waterfall were tamed, hydroelectric power plants built complete with transport systems and towns to manufacture nitrogen fertilizer. Their work marked a turning point for humanity – so important in ending the massive hunger disaster of the early 1900s.

Decades later, the search for profits by the factory owners causes them to close the factories. In 1987, in this town of 12,000, one thousand people are thrown out of work. The smoke disappeared, as did jobs and money. A devastating blow.


From the dust, 13 young women and men created a Blues Festival that now 30 years later is one of the best in the World. This is their story.

Steven Van Zandt is the Executive Producer of this inspiring story now in post-production..

Wild Telemark Vikinger

The Sustainable Viking follows the adventure of a man's quest. Join us as we share stories about Eirik searching for the roots - and himself - as he tries to recreate what was lost 1000 years ago.


The Sustainable Viking is a project currenly being developed, where we will follow Eirik's quest to establish a modern Viking village. We are currently looking at different locations, including a property in the County of Agder in the far south of Norway.


What would society look like today if the Viking community had continued to evolve? For Eirik, it is crucial to recreate how the Vikings lived in an authentic way.


The big cat

Eirik is a colorful man with a close connection to nature. As a young man from Namsskogan in north-central Norway, Eirik learned early on how to live off the land, track animals and make the most of his time while in the wild.


In fact, if you look closely at Eirik, you can see a scar that came from a meeting with a yawning hole in a cave. Eirik had followed the traces of the animal to a cave. He crawled in, but surely did not expect to find that the big cat was still at home.


As Eirik puts it, the two had a brief discussion and decided to go their separate ways without doing any major harm to each other


Through fire and rain

Eirik will go through fire and rain in his quest to begin work that he eventually hopes will lead to the creation of a new sustainable society based on the Viking values.


Follow Eirik on his journey to the past, which will take him to his future. Soon he enters the forest, alone, with an axe in his hand to begin his quest.


Norway Communicates will be there with him.


See The Sustainable Viking website.

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