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Velkommen til Norway Communicates

Film, arrangementer, innovative initiiativer.

Vi er dedikert til det samme målet -

gjennom forskjellige prosjekter og initiativer

forteller vi verden om det vi kaller:

"NORGE - En av verdens beste bevarte hemmeligheter" ©

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Film turisme og Kristiansand
Halden International Music Film Festival

Steven Van Zandt
The Endless



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Hydroparken Filmpark

WIth Norway Communicates AS as the parent company, Telemark Film and the Wild Telemark work with production companies and related film projects.


With this organizational structure we are able to focus internationally and nationally - but at the same time work with the county of Vestfold and Telemark from our regionally headquarters in Notodden. 

Find us here in Hydropark

Hydropark is located by Lake Heddal in Notodden, Norway. This was the site of one birthplace of the 2nd Industrial Revolution, with Norsk Hydro factories powered by clean hydroelectric energy.


Now, the Hydropark complex is the headquarters for the Wild Telemark and Telemark Film. 

Our future plans include development of a full-fledged film studio, building upon the Wild Telemark as a region that featured some of the most spectacular locations to be found anywhere. 

Visit the Wild Telemark here.

We are prepared for you

We are prepared for your film project, large or small.

With a ’can-do’ mentality, unique and accessible locations, and an infrastructure that is flexible and strong, we look forward to helping you create your unique film production.

The complex also provides different location possibilities for film.

Learn more.


Contact us.

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The Alley DJS 07092021-05.jpg
The Inside DJS 07092021-16.jpg

The Notodden
Film Conference 

Organized by Norway Communicates AS and Telemark Film, this national event recently brought together decision makers and content creators from all over Norway.


Together with Sørnorsk Filmsenter, the counties of Vestfold and Telemark, and Agder municipality of Kristiansand this landmark event was hosted by Notodden Municipality.   

Keynote speakers included:


- Steven Van Zandt (Lilyhammer, Sopranos, E Street Band)


- NRK Drama Director Ivar Køhn


- Knut Inge Solbu (Producer of the award-winning program Rådebank)


- Ian Brodie (Lord of the Rings, Birkebeineren, The Heavy Water War)


-  Meghan Beaton (Norway's Film Commissioner)


- Åse Kringstad (head of the Producer's Guild)


- Elisabeth O. Sjaastad (head of the Norwegian Film Federation)


....and many others.  

Two days of keynotes, debate, discussion, socializing and networking - and the film screening of the documentary Bluestown Rising.


This marked the debut of an annual spring tradition in Notodden.  

Notodden filmkonferanse 06042022-68.jpg
Notodden filmkonferanse 06042022-23.jpg
Notodden filmkonferanse 06042022-48.jpg
Notodden filmkonferanse 06042022-31.jpg

The Wild Telemark   Media Portal

Created by Norway Communicates together with Telemark Film, this media portal will be part of film location website  Wild Telemark, and contains valuable film, photo and media career information for Norwegian students. 



Contributors include:


Ian Brodie

Partner in Norway Communicates, Ian Brodie is an internationally acclaimed film photographer and author. In Ian Brodies Film World we will focus on the different film elements from the different films where Ian has been part of the production team:


- The Lord of the Rings

- The Hobbit

- The Chronicles of Narnia  

- Birkebeineren

- The Heavy Water War


Per Ole Hagen

Partner in Norway Communicates, instructor at the University of Oslo, concert photographer, music director at NRK P1 and music rights manager at NRK, Per Ole Hagens Photo World focuses on practical and legal aspects of photography.


Here we will focus on the areas such as:


- Mastering the manual photo shoot  

- Understanding the nature of light

- Analysis: classical photos and photographers

- Understand the power of composition

- Editing


The Media Portal also contains handy movie tips for young media talents and other useful information for youth who want to make film and photography their hobby – or career of choice.


First-ever UNESCO
Interactive E-Book

We have recently launched the world’s first interactive e-book that presents a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

And what a story it is!

Rjukan-Notodden Industrial Heritage Site

The world was coming to a crossroads, and many were concerned. As the world population began to boom during the course of the 1800s, the scientific question began to circulate – how long would the world population survive on current food supply production?

To answer that challenge, it was just over a century ago in Norway that a major transformation took place. During the course of just a short decade, power plants, factories, transport systems and company towns were created. The urgent and immediate goal - producing enough mineral fertiliser to increase world food production.

Free of charge – Download or read online

Take a look at this unique story of one decade that changed the course of Norwegian industry - and perhaps the course of the world - forever.

250 pages of interactivity, videos, 1000+ photos, historical documentation, human-interest essays, facts, figures, innovative technology, architecture, trains, ships, design, and more - all colourfully presented in this state-of-the-art eBook.

Download or read online here

Available in English and Norwegian, Apple and Android formats.

Download our free 24-page e-book brochure

We have now begun the process in close cooperation with national and international authorities where we will now continue to spread the word about the Rjukan-Notothen Heritage Site, a story unique as it is exciting and important.


Learn more about our work with our innovative e-book development by downloading our 24-page interactive e-brochure here.

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